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Thu Apr 16 2015, 02:23PM
PFS Checklist (Other) Jason Wu 8867 35 Jason Wu
Sat Jul 28 2018, 03:01AM
Printable battlemaps and VT maps for Mummy's Mask - The Half-Dead City (Complete) (Mummy's Mask) bwatford 6463 0 bwatford
Tue Jun 24 2014, 10:20PM
GM Quick Reference (Other) Phudson 5231 1 kvid
Thu Mar 16 2017, 09:04PM
Better Map (Bonekeep 1) tarrasque 4715 1 tarrasque
Sat May 02 2015, 03:34AM
HappyCamper Character Sheets (Other) ChasH 4642 1 ChasH
Thu Jul 24 2014, 04:37AM
MotFF VTT Maps (Master of the Fallen Fortress) Pirate Rob 4459 0 Pirate Rob
Tue Mar 25 2014, 04:26PM
Printable battlemaps and VT maps for Rise of the Runelords - The Hook Mountain Massacre (Complete) (Rise of the Runelords) bwatford 4007 0 bwatford
Tue Jun 24 2014, 10:30PM
Confirmation Monsters.pdf (5-08 The Confirmation) Pirate Rob 3796 3 kvid
Thu Sep 17 2015, 09:33PM
Emerald Spire - PFS Missions/Knowledge Checks by Level (Emerald Spire) Brian J. Fruzen 3778 2 Yeroon
Sun Jun 12 2016, 04:49AM
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08 Aug : 14:55
Uploaded PF Playtest materials!

Pirate Rob
26 Jul : 14:05
Hey everybody. please remember that we're specifically excluded from using Paizo's art (unless it appears in a blog)

20 Jul : 10:10
New artwork by HMM for Skittermander miniatures posted into the Skitter Shot area.

18 Jul : 13:22
I used several resources from this site to run Shrine of the Sacred Tempest this weekend, and it was so helpful. Thank you all.

04 Jun : 02:26
As always, we are in your debt for continuing to manage this site, Rob! Thank you!!

Pirate Rob
03 Jun : 06:00
I added subforums for all the scenarios I could find.

My email is available on the Read Me page, and I am contactable via Paizo PM as well.

Not having actually played any Starfinder it's super easy for me to get behind there. Feel free to contact me whenever anything falls behind or is otherwise problematic.

I only read the chatbox here irregularly.

01 Jun : 20:27
Uploaded a printable flier for Heroes for Highdelve

GM Darkdante
29 May : 17:08
anyone have prep for SFS 1-6?

27 May : 09:39
Short of having contact information for someone with admin access, the only way I know of is to make a post "somewhere" and then flag your own post with a note/request. Hope that helps.

25 May : 10:52
Yeah, I have prep for SFS1-12 Ashes of Discovery to upload

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