SFS 1-11 Plot outline and other notes
Petronius, Sat Nov 09 2019, 06:55pm

I just GM'd for the first time ever (in any RPG) last night. Probably over-prepared, more or less on purpose. Thought folks might find this useful. It's a 2-page plot outline (with most important details), a 1-page checklist for the PCs tasks (both as a chronological list and tied to the primary and secondary success conditions), a list of all the item loot the PCs might find (meant to easily cut into strips if printed for handouts), and some other notes.

I set it up for my usual group, which was most likely to use the subtier 3-4 and have only 4 PCs. Things that change if either of those conditions change are marked with an asterisk (and it says that in the header as well).