Mandate encounters (low tier)
JohannVonUlm, Sun Jan 07 2018, 04:59pm

I expect to run this scenario on Friday. I took some time to prep, especially for the first social encounter. I think this will be useful. I'd appreciate feedback.

Re: Mandate encounters (low tier)
CanisDirus, Fri Jan 26 2018, 01:58am

Very neat tracking sheet!

Other than noting that the scenario is #1-05 but the tracker says #1-07, I think it's pretty perfect as a supplemental document! Some of the notes you've got on there aren't 100% complete, but personally I like it that way - it prevents GMs from using the supplemental material to the point of not looking at the scenario enough (which can lead to GMs missing things in the scenario text sometimes).

Again - very neat, and well done! Thanks for adding this to the community!