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1-31 Sniper in the Deep Stat Blocks

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Here they are:
The only real problem is the BBEG: he has cast "Command Undead" which no longer exists, and he would not have access to "Control Undead." My assumption will be he used a scroll, which is now gone. Also, I mentally change him to having +3 Breast plate rather than +1 half plate. He is missing some spells, but we can take those as already cast, and he is a 15 point build.

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26 Mar : 07:02
Randomly found an amazing website to calculate augment/adjusted summon monster stats. I put the link to it on the PFS - "Other" board.

Pirate Rob
08 Mar : 03:14
Yup, Bits removed

08 Mar : 01:27
Unfortunately, Nomadical, we're not allowed to include official art here--even if you've done something to transform it, by cutting it up into sheets or photoshopping out markers that have been flattened in. Paizo gets really unhappy when we do that!

07 Mar : 16:05
Submitted my first scenario aid. It's a doozy! Printable pdf of the Green Market map broken down into 15 pages.

24 Feb : 02:00
Posted my first set of prep for 9-05 Call of the Copper Gate. Hopefully it encourages some more folks to run this challenging and very cool scenario. Feedback is welcome.

24 Feb : 01:16
Created some "blessing tokens" for #9-12

20 Feb : 12:15
New Aid Token added to The Solstice Scar thread!

Pirate Rob
08 Feb : 03:14
Swapped titles for SF 8/9

28 Jan : 00:52
SFS 1-08 and SFS 1-09 are listed incorrectly. They were switched in the release schedule, so Sanctuary of Drowned Delight is now 1-08, and Live Exploration Extreme! is now 1-09

07 Jan : 17:01
Posted my first two files in SFS 1-4 "Cries" and 1-5 "Mandate". I'd appreciate feedback.

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