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Alternate Missing Stat Blocks

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Sat Dec 20 2014, 11:56PM Print View
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Attached is the missing monster stat blocks with scaled down versions included. Also in the document are Combat Notes, my own personal notes on how to effectively run combat during the encounters.

[ Edited Sun Dec 21 2014, 02:43AM ]
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Sun Dec 21 2014, 01:29AM
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I forgot to include Ulisha in the final encounter. This PDF contains the previous stat blocks and Ulisha's stat block and Combat notes.

[ Edited Sun Dec 21 2014, 01:29AM ]
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Thu Jan 08 2015, 02:45PM
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I really like the formatting for these stats. However, please note, that some of them are wrong. The Young Template was not completely applied correctly (wrong HP, skills, etc). Also, the damage values for the Raging Kellids are incorrect along with the damage values for the Bulls Strength on the Vessel In Between Striker.

Was this PDF developed directly into a PDF or from a Word-type document? If from a Word-type document, would it be possible to upload that as well.

Thanks for the effort!
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Wed Feb 11 2015, 04:03PM
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I agree, these are really clean and super easy to read. I don't suppose you have a Word template you would be willing to share. I would love to use it in the future.
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Fri Jun 16 2017, 07:35PM
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Here's the adjusted version of the pdf with hopefully the correct stats and combat numbers this time around.
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My first post, Huzzah! Added my Mask of the Living God stat blocks, key cheat sheets, and daily routine cheat sheet.

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