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Starship Combat Calculator and Reference google sheet

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Sat Oct 09 2021, 09:12pm Print View
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I have created a google spreadsheet callled

Starfinder Starship Reference Sheets v1.1.1

Building off the work of a previous post by u/uasutton on Reddit starfinder_rpg (credit also given in notes tab of sheet), I've made my own enhancements and included many of the Starship Operations Manual updates.

The first tab of the spreadsheet has instructions. The advantage of google sheets is that as one player updates the "Critical Damage Status" tab, the DCs of various crew actions are updated for all viewers sharing that sheet. The intended audience is for gaming groups where the players have access to computers and internet (especially groups playing remote or VTT).
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Mon Jan 03 2022, 06:27pm
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An update has been added which included Boarding Actions

Starfinder Starship Reference V1.2

[ Edited Mon Jan 03 2022, 06:29pm ]
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Sat Jan 29 2022, 12:13am
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A new V1.3 update is ready:

Starfinder Starship Reference Sheets v1.3

  • Shield and Critical Threshold tracking (on the Critical Damage Status tab),
  • Gunner Roster to the Ship Details Tab to make switching between gunners easy without re-entering BAB/Piloting/DexMod, and a Gunner tab to make use of the roster,
  • Updated some wording to include SOM changes or identify CRB page numbers, and
  • Some formatting cleanup.
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Pirate Rob
06 Jun : 15:30
Nope, things look normal to me, both logged in and incognito.

06 Jun : 15:05
Weird. I can only see the first page of the pf2 other forums… was some pruning done?

Pirate Rob
24 May : 17:25
Added PFS2 3-98, finished out season 4 and added the announced season 5 scenarios

24 May : 15:40
There's no folder for 3-98 - Expedition into Pallid Peril

25 Mar : 12:51
I have a PDF I made of the missive from 4-09 I could add, but I can't create a 4-09 forum. If someone would like to start one I'll put it in there.

Pirate Rob
22 Oct : 19:24
Sorry for the delay, I don't regularly read the chat box.

Added a skitterwarp section and squished some spambots.

05 Aug : 12:15
Need Subforum for Skitter Warp

18 Jul : 01:40
Updated the Guild Guide PDF post with v3.0.0!

21 Aug : 02:17
Updated Boon Cards! Sorry about the delay! All the Season 1 and Quest boon cards are now out. If the scenario/quest doesn't have one, the chronicle is blank or has a boon that isn't slotted, like an unlocked feat for all your PCs.

13 Aug : 07:52
@Kitsune: That is great!

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