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Wagon and Horse tracking statistics

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This sheet allows you to give the players a written copy of the wagon and horse rules to track HP for both the horses and the wagon during the scenario.

Bonus: I called the horses Persephone and Machete for flavour. Rename as you wish.
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Tue Feb 18 2020, 03:55AM
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You chose the animal companion stats for the horse which have 16 HP at level one when they are animal companions (ancestry + (6+CON)*level). The other options would have been level 0 riding pony with 16 HP or level 1 riding horse with 22 HP.

I think they should be riding horses. They are large draft animals, so they should have more hit points. This eliminates the possibility that a bad roll outright kills a horse when it overturns the cart or steps in the trap. Also, the riding horse stat block has an acrobatics modifier to use for the trap.
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Fri Jul 03 2020, 02:30PM
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True, it is not a companion for anyone. Riding horse must be the correct option.
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Fri Jul 03 2020, 05:49PM
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Here's one with the correct riding horse stats. Thanks TheNephilim for posting the original.
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