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GM Worksheet & Player/GM Table Tents for Gems in Encounter C

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Here is a worksheet I made for tracking things during the scenario; it's meant to be used in tandem with a worksheet like JDDyslexia's. GMs will have to fill in PC names in the rows below the headers. Excel attached as well.

I also made 2-sided table tents to track jewels and their effects; these can be printed on 4x6 index cards and hung across a GM screen or placed on the table. On the player side is the sage and jewel, and on the GM side is the Sage, Jewel, and its effect on the big bad. When a jewel is broken or a sage is freed, I plan on removing the tent and handing the Sage's stat sheet over to the players. In theory, this will make tracking the encounter a tad easier for all parties.

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Fri Mar 16 2018, 09:20pm
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These are pretty awesome! I'll keep this in mind if/when I GM this scenario again.

Did you use my prep materials and were they of any use? It was my first time putting together something for this forum, so I hope somebody got some use out of them.
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Fri Mar 16 2018, 10:00pm
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Yes I did — thank you!

I had a small, simple improvement: next time I run this I plan to number the rows on my worksheet, and number the corresponding info on yours, so all the data can be more quickly moved from the players' sheet to the GM's.

Your worksheet was a huge help :)
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