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Stat Blocks & Item Cards

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Okay, bunches of stuff in this.

First up are the normal stat block documents like I make for every scenario I prep. Nothing spectacular here, except that there are no items in the document.
There are no items in the stat block documents because I made an item cards document for the scenario. These should be standard trading card sized, and have a front for when the PCs haven't identified the items yet, and a back for when they have identified them. Get yourself a bunch of clear sleeves and a bunch of dummy cards for backing, and you have some custom item cards.

The other thing in this batch is the big encounter cheat sheet. There's a lot going on in the first and last encounters, so these cheat sheets are filled with the most common information you might need. My experience with cheat sheets like this is that you can run maybe 80% of the encounter off of it, which makes 3+ stat block encounters _much_ easier.
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Pirate Rob
11 Aug : 23:23
There is already a Starfinder section.

10 Aug : 01:30
9-00 custom map batleup up. Enjoy!

07 Aug : 01:15
9=00 Stat Block Documents are Up

02 Aug : 05:51
There already is one :)

01 Aug : 09:22
Will we get a starfinder prep section as well?

10 Jul : 12:11

10 Jul : 12:11
Actually, he doesn't. 8-5 is a 12-15 scenario.

19 May : 19:20
By that, I'm assuming you mean 1-11; 1-5; 3-7; 5-9; 7-11. Part of me is slightly disappointed that season starters and enders are back to 1-11 again instead of 1-12+ like Race for the Runecarved Key.

Pirate Rob
19 May : 16:26
8-22: 1-5. 8-23 3-7. 8-24: 5-9. 8-25 12-15.

9-0 through 9-03 follow the normal pattern.

19 May : 00:56
Anyone know what the tiers are for the newly added scenarios? They're not on Paizo's site.

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